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D&C 88

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
D&C 88

In this week’s dive into D&C 88, Jason and Nate examine the title, Lord of Sabaoth. Not Sabbath, Sabaoth. Next, they examine the phrase, alms of your prayers as a critical part of receiving the Second Comforter. Jason takes another look at light. This time, examining it’s life giving properties. Jason then looks at God as the Crown of Glory for the Celestial Kingdom.

Around this point, Nate sets Jason off on a tangent exploring Kolob and Greek Astronomy. When Nate asks why Sirius was such a bright star, Jason meant to say part of the reason was its proximity as it is closer than most stars to earth, but instead mistakenly said Sirius was the closest star too us. Getting back into the section, Jason and Nate explore law and order and the nature of resurrection and the various kingdoms.

D&C 88 teaches that us that light cleaveth to light. Jason and Nate explore this scripture in context of always being in motion. Nate points out, even as we tread water in a river, we float down stream.

A key part of this section is about obtaining the presence of God. As part of this, Jason dives into the verses about God being approachable and encouraging us to find him.

Finally, Jason and Nate talk about the admonition from God to learn all things.

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