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D&C 77 – 80

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
D&C 77 - 80

In this dive in to D&C 77 – 80, Jason and Nate answer the all important question, are there dinosaurs in Heaven? The discussion starts off breaking down the significance of Joseph Smith’s questions and answers he had while translating the book of Revelation in the Bible. First, they look at what it means to see into different time. This results in a discussion pre-destiny and how seeing the future works. Next, Jason and Nate examine the concept of the sea of glass. As a result, they examine how Urim and Thummims work in heaven and earth.

Next, Jason and Nate look at verse 2, which asks questions about the significance of beasts in the Book of Revelation. This single question leads the hosts to wonder about sharks and dinosaurs in heaven. In relation to this, Joseph Smith gave a discourse dedicated to the topic of beasts in scripture. The discourse can be found in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith starting on page 287. To finish the discussion in D&C 77, Jason talks about the seven seals and the significance of numbers.

Moving into Section 78, Jason talks about the evolution of this section. First, they changed the names in this section to protect their identities. Next, the original program for taking care of the poor also evolved. Joseph Smith brought a plan to God to provide for the people. As a result, God sanctioned that plan. God gives Joseph some directions. Ultimately, the plan changed to what we now know as the Bishop’s storehouse. Last, there are some wonderous promises and the Lord seeks to shift our focus heavenward.

The last bit of this journey into D&C 77 – 80 looks at when the Lord gives us specific direction, verses telling us whatever we do works for him.

And finally, thanks for listening!

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