Why Choose Add On Education?

A Case Study of Isaac Newton

Why Choose Add On Education?

In addressing this question, it serves to consider Isaac Newton as a case study to explain why our business model makes sense. Newton had a formal education. From a very young age he studied at great schools starting his education at the King’s School in Grantham and later transferring to Cambridge’s Trinity College. Newton was able to feed his voracious mind which only fueled a greater fire and a greater need for learning. Part of this appetite also came from his self discipline and a desire to please God. Newton was a devout Christian, yet by his own admission, he had a natural strong desire for the opposite sex. To keep himself out of trouble, he turned his attention to focusing his mind entirely on learning and solving problems. This led to Newton being an excellent home school student as well.

Newton bought a book at the fair on Geometry, being interested in learning what Geometry entailed. As he read the book, he realized that it made no sense to him. So, he bought another book to explain the book he had purchased. This book didn’t do him any favors though as it too was above his level of understanding. At this point, it would have been easy to have given up, but Newton bought a third book to explain the book he purchased to explain the first book he had acquired at the fair. With this third book, he was able to unravel the mysteries of Geometry and it all became easy to him. Although math did not start off as something easy for him to understand, Newton went on to invent a new math called calculus that opens our ability to solve wonderful problems.

Towards the end of his life, Newton wrote a book to explain the motions of the planets in the solar system. Calculus would have been the easy way to explain the motions and system yet he preferred the beauty of geometry, the math he had once struggled so long to learn, to explain the laws as he had discovered them.

Another thing important in this case study about Newton is the broad base of his education. Newton is famous for the laws of motion, the laws of gravity and calculus among other things. He was an extremely famous physicist and mathematician. Yet, how many people recognize Newton for his work in religion? Newton studied Hebrew, Greek, Latin as well as the Bible and early Church History. He wrote 79 treatises on scripture interpretation and Church History. Newton described times when God directed people here on earth through prophets, mentioning specifically Adam, Moses, Abraham and Jesus. He said that these times when God dispenses truth on earth through prophets are separated by times when the people reject the truth and turn to apostasy. He described his own time as a time when God had turned to the Gentiles to dispense His truth yet they had rejected God and turned to apostasy. Newton said the greatest mystery to him was why Christians weren’t looking for a prophet from God to restore the truth and once again dispense salvation to mankind on earth. This led Newton to refuse last rites on his death bed despite his deep religious convictions and respect for God.

So why is this applicable to choosing Add On Education? For two reasons. The first, as we see from Newton, is that regardless of your educational background or choice of schooling, home study is an effective way to learn. Newton not only learned math on his own, but he made his greatest scientific discoveries from home while school was closed due to the Great Plague ravaging Europe.  Add On Education provides you with the opportunity to study at your pace from your own home. You can pause and take time to think about lectures or move through them quicker as you understand them. If gives you freedom and flexibility to discover and to expand your mind according to your timetable, not one dictated by other students.

The second reason is that Newton stood from a broad base. His developments in math and science were driven by a love of God and desire to understand God’s creation. Newton wanted to know everything he could about the natural world in order to properly love and respect the Creator. It was Newton’s study of the arts that fueled his creativity and discovery in science. In today’s world, the educational focus is razor sharp in on one direction. How can we stand on a foundation that is razor thin? By adding a classical education such as Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and religion to our studies, we are allowed a broader platform to stand on as we reach into the great unknown seeking to make discoveries. There are many schools available today that will focus on the required courses for graduation knowing that that guarantees enrollment. Add On Education isn’t focused on what will guarantee the most students or the school the highest bottom line. We are focused on providing a key part of education that is missing in today’s system.

In summary Add On Education provides students with a quality home school experience and a broad foundation to stand on as each student reaches for success in their own way. We hope to restore to education some very basic principles that somehow got lost a long the way. Thank you for your consideration!

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