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What is Add on Education?

Add on Education was founded in 2017 by Jason Lloyd as an avenue for his passion for teaching. The idea is for Add On Education to create courses for adults and home school students to digest at their pace. The courses focus on what used to be considered part of a well rounded education but is mostly left out in today's world.

Online education today focuses on the same content. The courses required for high school graduation, professional licensing, certification, or courses required for college credit are what is most demanded and at the center of attention. Each new educational business enters the ring frothing at the mouth for the latest and greatest method to present the same content. Each struggles to earn your business by trying to be unique in how they offer you what any other educational site already offers.

Add On Education is different. At Add on Education, you will learn things you cannot find anywhere else in the world. It's the content that is unique. The focus here isn't to play the system and offer the courses people are required to take. It's not a numbers game to make the most money. It's learning, for learning sake. Add on Education offers something that no one is required to study. It offers no certification at the end of the day. It is more about learning, than graduating, and more about thinking than being certified.

To put it simply, if you are interested in what we have to offer, than these courses are perfect for you. If you are looking to fill a course you have to take to get a piece of paper at the end of the day, that's not our market.

Who Is Jason Lloyd?


Jason Lloyd has a degree in Near Eastern Studies with an emphasis in Hebrew from Brigham Young University. He studied several languages including German, Spanish, Hebrew, Ugaritic and Greek. He has over ten years teaching experience working in both young adult and adult education. 

He has written and published papers and a book on scriptural and ancient studies topics. He has also written and taught several accredited continuing education courses for insurance professionals in the State of Utah.  

From 2011 to 2017 he taught at an accredited Christian private school called Liahona Preparatory Academy. After his first year at the school, ACT test scores were at an all-time low below both state and national averages and the school had just endured a scandal threatening to close its doors. Jason developed a live streaming program for the school to deliver their content to a live audience and online enrollment doubled, keeping the school doors open. While Jason taught two of the four cores subjects at the school, academics also improved and Liahona went from near extinction to ranked fourteen spots above BYU and two spots below Stanford in the fifty best online high school programs in America 

During his tenure he taught several subjects including: astronomy, chemistry, biology, Earth science, life science, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, algebra, Hebrew, mythology, geography and Spanish.  

With his background in education and his love of teaching, in 2017 Jason decided to branch out and offer his own online courses for at home consumption. He enjoys speaking engagements and has spoken at several functions including youth conferences, graduations, and various religious engagements. 

In 2011 when Jason started at Liahona, the school was below state and national averages. This chart shows the progress Liahona made with Jason teaching two of their four core subjects.


I was born January 19, 1983 in Provo, Utah to Wayne and Luann Lloyd. I am the second of seven living children, I had two older brothers both die shortly after child birth. I have three sisters and three brothers. When my family was three, they moved to South Jordan where I was raised and I graduated from Bingham High School. I was accepted to BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho with a scholarship. I deferred enrollment to BYU until after a two-year mission for the LDS church and accepted my scholarship to BYU-Idaho to do a semester there before leaving on my mission to Culiacan, Mexico. My time in Mexico was divided between three cities, Culiacan, La Paz and Ciudad Constitucion.  

I returned from my mission in February and enrolled to start at BYU that fall. I met Janessa Fitch, who was a mission companion of my older sister. She had come for general conference in April and was hanging out with my sister and we hit it off instantly. We were married in December of that same year. 

I now have six kids of my own, three daughters and three sons. We live in Pleasant Grove, Utah and love it here.  

I enjoy making things with my hands. I've worked as a framer, a carpenter, a countertop fabricator, a roofer, an installer and a website builder. I also enjoy playing sports. In high school, I wrestled in the 152-weight class. I enjoy playing soccer, football and basketball. I also enjoy camping, hiking, climbing, rappelling, and I'm starting to enjoy running.  

I also enjoy reading, watching movies with my wife, family trips and activities and video games.  

This graph demonstrates the development of Liahona during Jason's tenure. The school started in 2011 below both state and national averages. The school replaced both their science and upper level math teachers with Jason and within a short time saw drastic improvement.


No, Add On Education is not an accredited school and does not offer a diploma. Add On Education offers courses for adults and home school students seeking a non-accredited education and focuses on providing important educational courses that many traditional schools built for the home school student leave out. While Add On Education offers no accreditation, many courses taught might be eligible for accreditation by another organization. Jason is considered highly qualified in the courses he offers and many courses contain 60 - 90 hours of content in order to qualify as a semester or .5 high school credit. 

Many sites offer a wide selection of popular courses that can provide a rich educational experience to the end user. Add On Education offers a more narrow selection of courses that are not as popular and are therefore harder to find on any other site. Add On Education is also built with the home school student in mind. In order for a class to count for a half credit in high school, it needs to contain 60 - 90 hours of content depending on the subject. Add On Education has made sure its courses meet that standard, ensuring each course has the appropriate length of content. That means typically, an Add On Education course is at minimum 60 hours of material compared to many other educational sites whose average course length is closer to 10 hours.

The courses offered at Add On Education are made for anyone who loves learning. Some courses are designed more especially for high school aged students in mind while other courses were designed specifically for older audiences. You do not have to be a home school student to enjoy these courses.

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